The 5G rollout

This topic is about the rollout of the new mobile data technology known as 5G

Actually it’s a not one single technology but a combination of several technologies that work together:

  • Communication protocols (the “spoken language”)
  • Hardware (antennas, mobile devices, satellites etc,)
  • Radio waves at different frequencies
  • Algorithms to calculate the best signal paths

Just to name some of them.

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5G radio waves
5G satellites


There has been a lot of concerns about whether or not this new kid on the block is dangerous to our health or not and there are lots of opinions on that.
Many are based on science, some are based on people who feel sick when exposed to the current radiation from cell phones, WiFi and so on. And some are based on false statements which spread fear.

Scope of this topic

With this topic we will look at some of the many different opinions and do some fact checking.

What we will do is try to inform about what 5G actually is and in that way we will – hopefully – make the debate more informed.

What we will NOT do is to conclude if exposure to the radiation caused by the coming 5G rollout is dangerous or not.
That conclusion is up to you.

We hope you’ll benefit from what you find here and that you will contribute to our investigation by adding your comments to the blog posts.

Let’s make the internet informed again !