About Dokuman

Dokuman is primarily written and maintained by Jesper Michelsen who started the site as a place for all the information he gathered about topics that are important to him like climate change, tecnology etc.

Often when we end up in discussions about different topics it’s hard to remember exactly why we have a certain opinion and which sources led us to believe what we do
For that reason Jesper chose to make parts of his site publicly available so that it can be used in public discussions online.


The primary mission is to publice correct information and we strive to keep things objective.
However, even the choice of topics and the nature of information that is investigated can reveal something about where the writer stands in certain discussions.

And by the way – we’re also just human beings who make mistakes.
Besides, the world changes all the time and new information comes up which might render what we know as trustworthy information today as misinformation tomorrow.
And we’re not afraid to admit when we are wrong 🙂

So if you find any information on these pages which you feel is incorrect, please send us links to sites or documents which you feel corrects what we know.
We can’t promise that we will always agree that your findings are valid, but we will always investigate and state our opinion about it.